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In situations where you have lost or missing teeth, it is important to have them replaced as soon as possible. The longer that you leave missing teeth, the greater the oral health risk you are susceptible to. Missing teeth can lead to a downturn in your oral hygiene and the look of your smile. A single missing tooth can lead to a sunken in dental profile or drastically change the way your jaw looks. However, with a prosthetic such as a dental bridge, you can restore the function of your jaw and its look.

Dental bridges are highly effective prosthetic treatments because they are permanent and can drastically improve the look and function of your smile. They can even help restore lost functions associated with chewing and eating food as well as with hindered speech patterns. In several situations, people have noted an improvement in their bite stability as well.
When you have missing teeth, your bite distribution forces are drastically altered. However, by using a dental bridge to complete your smile once again, you can redistribute bite forces to their proper settings, which occurs when you bite down improperly. Dental bridges can also make sure that no further issues will arise due to teeth grinding against each other incorrectly. They can even help lower your risk for tooth movement. Dental bridges are extremely durable and have been known to provide support for individuals, and in some cases, no repairs are ever even needed. If you wish to drastically improve the aesthetics of your smile, make sure that you have a complete dental profile.

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