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It’s the holiday season. That means eating. In fact, it can mean eating quite a bit. Taking care of your teeth can be tough enough this time of the year, but when you have braces, it can get even more difficult. To make sure that you and your dental work get through the holidays intact, here are a few tips.

No matter time of the year, it’s important to stay up on your dental hygiene. For people who wear braces, that means brushing and flossing thirty minutes after every meal and snack. While the holiday season can be pretty busy and hectic, you will still need to take your time scrubbing your teeth. Brush one or two teeth at a time to be sure you get them clean. There will be no shortage of treats and snacks this time of the year, but think about your dental work when someone starts passing around the goodies. Anything sticky or starchy can get stuck in your braces, and sticky foods can cause problems with your wires. Keep in mind that popcorn, hard candies and nuts can get caught in your dental work. Not only can that cause problems for your braces, it can be painful as well. Since traveling can be part of holiday plans, why not take a travel, or disposable toothbrush, and floss picks or a floss threader with you if you are hitting the road?

If you run into a problem with your braces during the holiday season, or if straightening your smile is one of your New Year’s resolutions, our dentist, Dr. Kevin Caldwell will be happy to help! If you live in the Webb City, Missouri, area, and would like to schedule an appointment at Kevin L. Caldwell, DDS, PC, call 417.673.1988 today. We’re looking forward to your visit!