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If you are an athlete who has suffered an injury in which multiple teeth were knocked out, or have lost multiple teeth by some other means, you have options for replacing them. A removable partial, for example can replace the basic function and appearance of the missing teeth. However, many people feel that this doesn’t quite do the trick. The partial may be too unstable and cause irritation to the gumline.

For a more permanent dental restoration, Dr. Kevin Caldwell can install a bridge mounted to a pair of dental implants. These are basically two abutments created from titanium which Dr. Kevin Caldwell surgically insert into the underlying bone structure in that area of your mouth.

These implants can be installed in a single outpatient appointment. You should know that you will need to be deeply sedated. A friend or family member will drive you home after the procedure, while the sedative effect dissipates.

In a process called osseointegration, the two titanium abutments will literally integrate with the surrounding bone tissue to form firm anchor points. Once this bond has been attained, we will take an impression of the area to start the process of fitting you for a standard bridge.

If you live in the Webb City, Missouri area and you’ve had multiple teeth knocked-out, just call 417.673.1988 to explore your restoration options with Dr. Kevin Caldwell.