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Do you ever feel a popping or general stiffness and soreness in your jaw when you chew? These are common symptoms of TMJ, or temporomandibular joint, disorder. It affects millions of people around the country, and can great pain and discomfort. At Kevin L. Caldwell, DDS, PC, we are able to effectively treat TMD symptoms.

The temporomandibular joint is what connects the lower jaw to the rest of the head. A disorder of this joint results when it becomes stressed, misaligned, or injured. Teeth grinding and clenching, arthritis, and trauma to the head, neck, or jaw are all common causes.

TMD causes trouble not only for the jaw, but can create tension throughout the craniofacial area. Symptoms range in severity from mild discomfort and occasional soreness to clicking and popping sounds to a locked jaw. Chronic headaches and neck pain are also common. But even if symptoms are mild, you should seek treatment.

Treatment will vary depending on your needs. Some people find stress management and relaxation exercises control symptoms. Others require oral appliances, such as night guards, to remove the cause of TMD. Still other benefit from orthodontic or restorative dental treatments. Rest assured that Dr. Kevin Caldwell will identify the most efficient treatment option for your specific case.

If you would like to learn more about TMJ disorder, please call our office here in Webb City, MO, today.