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More than once in your life, you’re going to experience mouth sores. It’s inevitable, even if you take special care to prevent them. When you do develop a mouth sore, there are steps you can take to keep your trial as short and pain-free as possible.

1. Medicine

Your local Walgreens should hold plenty of over-the-counter options. Dr. Kevin Caldwell may also prescribe an oral rinse or other form of medication.

2. Avoid certain foods

Foods that are spicy, acidic or sharp (eg, chips and pretzels) will irritate your sore, making the experience much more unpleasant. Alcohol and hot or cold food will have similar effects. Cut your food into small pieces and chew it slowly, keeping it away from your mouth sore.

3. Use a straw

Drinking liquids through a straw will minimize contact with your mouth sore, lessening the risk of irritation.

4. Keep your mouth clean

Brushing and flossing will keep bacteria out of your mouth sore and allow it to heal faster. If your regular dental routine is too painful, ask Dr. Kevin Caldwell for an alternative cleaning agent until your sore closes up.

If you’re dealing with a mouth sore, contact Kevin L. Caldwell, DDS, PC at 417.673.1988 to learn your best treatment options. Feel free to pay us a visit in Webb City, Missouri. Instead of suffering through the discomfort, treat mouth sores before they have a chance to become irritated or infected.